New & Upgraded Products

Hydraulic Motors

     BMSY Wheel Mount Motors

In an effort to continually offer new competitive crossover options, Dynamic has added a Wheel Mount option to our popular BMSY line of motors. The BMSY motor has already proven to be a strong crossover for the Char-Lynn 2000 Series Motors. This new addition, will give you more options in crossovers, but providing a drop-in replacement for the Char-Lynn 105-xxxx series. Click here to download the BMSY Wheel Mount product flyer or visit the BMSY motor page for details.


Dynamic is pleased to present an improvement to our BMER motor line. We have upgraded our BMER-1 motors with new, larger radial bearings to increase the overall side load capacity of the motors. The standard BMER-1 motors will be phased out and slowly replaced by the new BMER-2 motors. With the additional side load capacity, as well as, the addition of several larger diameter shaft options, the BMER-2 motors will nwo serve as drop-in replacements for both the White 500 Series and 530 Series.

Click here to visit the BMER-2 motor page for details.

Hydraulic Valves

     Selector Valve

Dynamic's new 6-way, 2-station 12/24-volt DC Selector Valve is operated by a continuously rated wet pin solenoid. It is capable of switching from one circuit to another at a variety of flows and pressures. SAE-8 and SAE-10 ports are currently available with additional port options available by special order. Visit the Selector Valve webpage for details.

     Spool Flow Divider

We've added a Spool Flow Divider to our line up to flow control accessories. Features a precision ground, heat treated spool and pressure compensation to both outlets while dividing the inlet flow into two of equal flow (other ratios available by special order with minimum order). Maximum pressure: 3000 psi. Standard free reverse flow allows fluid to move from the outlet ports to the inlet port. Visit the DYFB Spool Flow Divider webpage for details.